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The story of Comme Avant isa family storyand ethical commitment. It all started when Sophie and Nil, parents of Nael, decided to improve their lifestyle for the health of their future child and their own. They looked for natural alternatives to care for their baby and finallydiscovered soap making from organic olive oil.

Following skin irritations caused by conventional skincare products, they created their own organic soap. The success with those around them encouraged them to launch the online store “Comme Avant”. Thus, their company was born from the desire to share their experience and offerhealthy and transparent alternativesto those who are looking for natural products and wish to start theirecological transition.

Over the years, Comme Avant has developed a range of simple, natural and effective solid cosmetics, as well as ecological household products. They also launched their own line of GOTS certified clothing, designed to be durable and timeless.

The company is distinguished by its philosophy of“less and better”,eliminating the superfluous to concentrate on the essential.They manufacture their products with complete transparency, constantly improving their quality and reducing their waste. Nothing is lost, and non-compliant products are recycled or donated to associations.

Comme Avant is committed to creating products that are healthy for humans and the environment, while seeking to become a social, equitable and just company. They pay their partners and employees fairly, publicly display salaries and profits, and invest in philanthropic projects to protect biodiversity.

Despite their growth, Comme Avant remains an independent family business,focused on ecology rather than profits. Their story is a human adventure that contributes to the ecological transition on their scale.