La mission de Lola

Who are we?

Welcome to Lolalis, your haven dedicated to fulfilling beauty and natural cosmetic rituals . My nickname is Lola, the passionate founder of Lolalis, an adventure born from my deep quest for meaning and personal fulfillment.

As a mother of two and a teacher, Lolalis is more than just a business. It is the culmination of a constant search for the best products for my children, imbued with my deep passion for health, overall well-being, and personal development.

Drawing on my decade of experience in e-commerce, Lolalis transcends the limits of simple cosmetics. It is a constant exploration of holistic beauty , guided by core values ​​such as transparency, mindfulness, personal development and neuroscience.

Our carefully chosen selection includes natural and ecological cosmetic products, food supplements, gentle baby care, and essential oils, each product an invitation to fulfilling and conscious beauty.

At Lolalis, we aspire to create a community based on mutual support and transparency, while disseminating valuable information on health and personal development , aligned with my commitment as a teacher.

Join us in this universe where each product bears testimony to my passion, my constant search for meaning, and my commitment to your overall well-being . Lolalis, your accomplice for fulfilling beauty, natural cosmetic moments and a life in harmony with nature and your deep well-being.