Comme Avant

Comme Avant - Solid SPF50 mineral sunscreen with karanja oil

Comme Avant - Solid SPF50 mineral sunscreen with karanja oil

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Immerse yourself in an unrivaled solar experience with our Mineral Sun Cream SPF50 with Monoi, a natural shield against the sun's rays. Certified Organic COSMOS Organic, this unique formula, rich in benefits, offers you much more than simple protection. Discover the secret to preserved skin and a peaceful summer.
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  • For who ?

    • Suitable for the whole family, including children from birth and pregnant women. Monoï version suitable for children aged 3 and over, not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Why do we love it?

    • Our Mineral Sun Cream SPF50 is not just a sunscreen, it is a declaration of love to your skin and the planet. We love it for its exceptional ingredients, carefully selected, revealing a perfect alliance between nature and science.
    • Each application is a sensory experience, combining the softness of Murumuru butter, the protective power of Zinc oxide, the solidity of Sunflower wax, the regeneration of Karanja oil, and the soothing delicacy of Rice. Its captivating fragrance, whether natural or Monoï scented, transforms each application into a moment of pleasure under the sun.

The product in detail


Welcome to the sunny world of Comme Avant Mineral Sun Cream SPF50, an invitation to take care of your skin under the bright sun. Certified Organic COSMOS Organic, this cream embodies the perfect alliance between optimal protection and ingredients of natural origin. Popular for its high SPF50 protection, this unique formula brings together nourishing Murumuru butter, photostable Zinc oxide, solid-touch Sunflower wax, Karanja oil with antioxidant properties, and soothing Rice powder.

Its delicate fragrance and melting texture make it an exquisite sun ritual. Suitable for everyone, including the little ones and pregnant women, this sunscreen is available in a fragrance-free or Monoï-scented version. Wear your summer with confidence, knowing that this sunscreen is not only your shield against UV rays, but also your eco-responsible gesture. Discover natural effectiveness and dive into summer with protection that takes care of you and the planet. To find out more, continue reading about the benefits of each ingredient, our environmental commitment, and instructions for use.


Apply a thick layer to the body and face before each exposure. Mineral filters provide immediate protection. Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin. Store for 30 months protected from humidity. After opening, it can be kept for 6 months. Renew frequently, especially after sweating, swimming or wiping.

Discover natural and effective sun protection with Mineral Sun Cream SPF50, combining high protection and respect for the environment.

Environmental commitment

  • Mineral Sun Cream SPF50 is made near Marseille, vegan, ecological, biodegradable, and zero waste cosmetics. Complies with European laws, not tested on animals. An eco-responsible gesture: 80g of our sunscreen is equivalent to 1 200ml bottle of classic sunscreen. Recyclable and compostable packaging.


Murumuru Butter: Nourishing, melts quickly on the skin without leaving a greasy film.
Zinc Oxide: Photostable mineral filter, essential to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Supplemented with Polyhydroxystearic Acid and Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride for optimal dispersion.
Sunflower Wax: Offers a solid texture even in hot conditions.
Karanja Oil: Originally from India, contributes to the antioxidant protection of the skin against the sun's rays.
Rice Powder: Of Japanese origin, reinforces sun protection and soothes sensitized skin.