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Comme Avant

Comme Avant - Detergent powder - Ecodetergent certified - 1kg - 50 washes

Comme Avant - Detergent powder - Ecodetergent certified - 1kg - 50 washes

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A natural detergent certified as Ecodetergent, our bicarbonate formula ensures effective washing, eliminating stains and odors. Suitable for all types of laundry, even the most delicate.
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  • For who ?

    • Ideal for all families looking for laundry that is respectful of the skin and the environment.
    • Perfect for people with sensitive skin thanks to its gentle and natural composition.
  • Why do we love it?

    • Natural Effectiveness: Eliminates stains and bad odors without compromising on washing quality.
    • Versatility: Suitable for all types of laundry, including delicates like reusable diapers and period panties.
    • Ecological: Certified Ecodetergent, biodegradable, zero waste, and compatible with septic tanks.
    • Discarded Phosphonate: Often used as an anti-limescale agent, Comme Avant has consciously chosen to ban phosphonate. The brand is aware of its impact on aquatic ecosystems and the complexity of its treatment by treatment plants.
    • Eliminated Enzymes (proteases, lipases, and amylases): Rejecting any use of proteins potentially derived from GMOs, Comme Avant gets rid of these often allergenic agents, thus offering a detergent that respects health and the environment.
    • Avoidable Artificial Odors: Far from the formula, synthetic or natural fragrances often present in other detergents have no place here. Comme Avant opts for biodegradable alternatives, thus preserving air and water quality.
    • EDTA Excluded (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid): An anti-limescale agent commonly used in other detergents, but not very biodegradable and polluting. Comme Avant's formula stands out by eliminating this ingredient, highlighting its commitment to truly eco-friendly laundry detergent.

The product in detail


Discover our Eco-Detergent Bicarbonate Laundry Detergent, a natural and ecological solution for impeccable washing. Certified Ecodetergent, our minimalist formula composed of sodium citrate, baking soda, soda crystals, and sodium percarbonate offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional detergents.


How to Use Natural Laundry Powder Like Before?

  1. Standard dosage:Place 1 tablespoon of powder (approximately 20g) in the dedicated detergent drawer of your machine.
  2. Adaptation according to dirt:For stubborn stains, increase the quantity to 2 tablespoons (approximately 40g).
  3. Sorting laundry:Carefully sort colors and materials to preserve your laundry.
  4. Washing temperature:The detergent is effective from 30°C. Use a temperature appropriate for the type of laundry (cotton, wool, etc.).
  5. Washing delicate fabrics:For delicate clothing, such as wool, wash cold or by hand. Use washing nets for delicate items.
  6. Septic :Comme Avant laundry detergent is compatible with septic tanks, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Machine Maintenance:If your machine is clogged, run it empty with a dose of white vinegar to eliminate microbes and residue.

Storage :Store laundry detergent in a dry place, away from humidity and out of the reach of children. Our formula reacts with water, so proper storage ensures long-lasting use.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it suitable for washing reusable diapers and menstrual panties?
    Yes, Comme Avant laundry detergent is glycerin-free and suitable for delicate textiles, ensuring a healthy and respectful composition.
  2. Can it be used for baby laundry?
    Yes, Comme Avant detergent is perfect for washing baby's laundry, being gentle on the skin and the environment.
  3. How many washes can I do with 1kg of detergent?
    Approximately 50 washes, offering a duration of more than 3 months for a machine every 2 days.
  4. At what temperature can I wash my laundry with this detergent?
    Comme Avant detergent is suitable for all wash cycles from 30°C.
  5. Can I wash delicate clothes like wool or silk?
    Yes, Comme Avant enzyme-free detergent is suitable for washing delicate textiles while respecting cold or hand washing conditions. Use gloves for hand washing.

Environmental commitment

  • Local Manufacturing: Produced near Marseille.
  • Zero Waste: Recyclable and compostable packaging.
  • Economical: 1kg = 50 washes, reducing ecological impact.
  • Without perfume, glycerin, or essential oils, it preserves the skin and the environment.


Sodium Citrate: Softens water, removes stains, and degreases.
Baking Soda: Cleans and softens laundry.
Soda Crystals: Cleans greasy stains, softens water.
Soda Percarbonate: Improves cleaning of light-colored textiles.