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Bioflore - The aerial ones - Discovery box of 6 organic essential oils

Bioflore - The aerial ones - Discovery box of 6 organic essential oils

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Explore the benefits of aromatherapy with the Organic Aerial Essences Box. An elegant set of 6 carefully selected essential oils, accompanied by an empty bottle and detailed instructions. For novices, it's a perfect introduction to calming scents. For enthusiasts, a thematic collection to discover the subtleties of each essence.
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  • For who ?

    • Les Novices: An elegant gift for those who wish to explore aromatherapy with pleasant fruity scents.
    • Les Passionnés: A thematic collection for aromatherapy lovers, highlighting the distinct nuances of each essential oil.
  • Why do we love it?

    • Our rigorous choice of organic quality demonstrates our attachment to authentic aromatherapy.
    • A single box for the most effective essential oils
    • Our affection for the Organic Aerial Essential Oils Box stems from the exceptional synergy of these six precious essences. Together, they are carefully selected to soothe and amplify respiratory function, providing an aromatic experience that goes beyond the ordinary.
    • Respiratory Synergy: Each essential oil, from eucalyptus radiata to Scots pine to niaouli, has been chosen for its soothing properties and its positive impact on respiratory function. Together, they create a powerful synergy to help you breathe freely and deeply.
    • Holistic Experience: This set is not just a collection of essential oils, but a holistic experience. Refreshing and revitalizing aromas combine to create a calming atmosphere that promotes respiratory well-being.
    • Versatile Use: Whether you choose inhalation, atmospheric diffusion or topical application, this set offers versatile options for integrating these essential oils into your daily routine. It can also be enhanced using our reusable inhaler for an even more personalized experience
    • Respiratory Care Gift: Giving this box is offering complete care for the respiratory tract. It's a thoughtful gift for those looking to improve their respiratory wellness in a natural way.
    • Organic certification: Each of these essential oils is certified organic (Be-Bio-01 control), which guarantees their purity and exceptional quality.

The product in detail


In this refined box, discover 6 organic airy essential oils, each carefully chosen for its unique properties. Eucalyptus radiata brings freshness and mental clarity, Smith eucalyptus offers an invigorating experience, rock hyssop tones the respiratory tract, laricio pine revitalizes with its woody scent, Scots pine decongests and purifies, and finally, the niaouli stimulates natural defenses.


Découvrez des modes d'utilisation non invasifs et agréables dans le livret explicatif livré avec les produits. Gardez à l'esprit que l'aromathérapie, comprise de manière appropriée, se veut avant tout préventive et axée sur le bien-être. Les initiés peuvent explorer des utilisations plus avancées, nécessitant connaissance et prudence.

Environmental commitment

  • Certified organic (Be-Bio-01 control), this box illustrates our commitment to environmentally friendly products. Each bottle represents a sensory immersion in the world of airy essential oils, while respecting nature.


Composition and Benefits:

Organic Eucalyptus Radiata:
Eucalyptus radiata essential oil is known for its refreshing and decongestant properties. Its sweet, camphorous aroma promotes mental clarity and offers respiratory relief. It is ideal for creating a purified atmosphere.

Eucalyptus from Smith Organic:
Smith's Eucalyptus essential oil has an invigorating scent, helping to clear the airways. It is appreciated for its expectorant and soothing properties. Its powerful smell brings a feeling of purified air.

Organic Rock Hyssop:
Rock hyssop essential oil is known for its invigorating respiratory properties. Its herbaceous scent stimulates vitality and supports respiratory function. It offers an energizing olfactory experience.

Organic Laricio Pine:
Laricio pine essential oil diffuses a woody and revitalizing aroma. It is known for its benefits on the respiratory tract, promoting deep breathing. Its purifying scent creates a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Organic Scots Pine:
Scots pine essential oil offers an invigorating forest tree scent. It is prized for its decongestant and purifying properties. Its characteristic smell evokes the freshness of the forests.

Niaouli Organic:
Niaouli essential oil gives off a fresh, camphorous scent. It is appreciated for its stimulating and toning virtues. Its dynamic aroma helps to strengthen natural defenses.

Each essential oil in the Bioflore Aerial Essences Box is carefully selected for its beneficial properties on respiratory function and its soothing power. A refined box set to explore the subtle nuances of airy essential oils.