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Bioflore - Fruity Essences - Discovery box of 6 organic essential oils

Bioflore - Fruity Essences - Discovery box of 6 organic essential oils

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The Bioflore Fruity Essences Box offers you an exceptional olfactory immersion with a selection of six carefully chosen organic fruity essences. Lemon, lime, sweet orange, red mandarin, grapefruit, and bergamot, each essential oil evokes the freshness and liveliness of citrus fruits. The box also includes an empty bottle and presentation instructions for a complete aromatic experience.

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  • For who ?

    • The Bioflore Fruity Essences Box is ideal for all aromatherapy lovers, from novice to enthusiast.
    • It is an elegant gift that invites everyone to explore the subtleties of fruity essences, providing an exceptional olfactory experience.
  • Why do we love it?

    • An Unforgettable Sensory Experience: Each essential oil in the box offers a unique olfactory experience, capturing the freshness and vitality of citrus fruits.
    • Certified Organic Quality: Be-Bio-01 certification guarantees that each essential oil is produced according to strict organic standards, respectful of the environment.
    • Ecological Commitment: By choosing this box, you support an ecological approach. The packaging is recyclable, and the essences come from responsible organic farming.

The product in detail


In this elegant box, Bioflore presents a careful selection of six organic fruity essences, each capturing the very essence of citrus fruits. Discover the brightness of lemon, the energy of lime, the sweetness of sweet orange, the warmth of red mandarin, the liveliness of grapefruit, and the elegance of bergamot. Each bottle contains a unique olfactory experience, an ode to the freshness and vitality of nature.

Controlled Organic Composition: Each essential oil in the box is certified organic according to Be-Bio-01 control, guaranteeing superior quality and impeccable traceability. The box also includes an empty bottle, allowing aromatherapy enthusiasts to create their own aromatic synergies.

An Elegant and Unforgettable Gift: This box is much more than a simple set of essential oils. It is an invitation to explore the subtle nuances of fruity essences, to marvel at the pure and invigorating aromas. For the neophyte, it is a perfect introduction to aromatherapy, while for the enthusiast, it is a valuable addition to their thematic collection.

Be-Bio-01 control: We assure you that the composition of this box complies with the strict Be-Bio-01 control standards, a certification which demonstrates our commitment to organic products of the highest quality.

Important Note: To preserve the integrity of this box, it is unfortunately not possible for us to modify its composition. Each essential oil has been carefully selected to offer a complete and balanced olfactory experience.


Explore the world of fruity essences by diffusing a few drops in an essential oil diffuser. You can also create your own blends using the empty bottle provided. Give free rein to your olfactory creativity! An explanatory booklet is delivered with the box with all the possible synergies.

Environmental commitment

  • Bioflore is committed to offering you environmentally friendly products.
  • The essential oils in this box are certified organic, grown with respect for nature.
  • The packaging is environmentally friendly, and the Be-Bio-01 control attests to our commitment to sustainable practices.


This box contains six certified organic essential oils, including lemon, lime, sweet orange, red mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot. Each bottle is the result of a Be-Bio-01 control, guaranteeing superior organic quality. The box also includes an empty bottle to create personalized aromatic synergies.

Composition and Benefits:

Organic lemon:
Lemon essential oil, with fresh and tangy notes, is recognized for its toning properties. It brings a feeling of vitality and stimulates the immune system. Its invigorating scent clears the mind and creates a positive atmosphere.

Organic Lime:
Lime essential oil gives off an exotic and invigorating scent. It is appreciated for its energizing properties, ideal for combating mental fatigue. Its lively and stimulating aroma offers a revitalizing olfactory experience.

Organic Sweet Orange:
Sweet orange essential oil diffuses a sweet and fruity fragrance, promoting a joyful atmosphere. It is renowned for its relaxing properties, ideal for relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Its sweet scent evokes Mediterranean heat.

Organic Red Mandarin:
Red mandarin essential oil offers a sweet and delicate scent. It is prized for its soothing effects on the nervous system, promoting relaxation. Its gourmet aroma creates a warm and comforting atmosphere.

Organic Grapefruit:
Grapefruit essential oil gives off a fresh and sparkling scent. It is renowned for its invigorating properties, ideal for boosting energy and improving mood. Its lively scent brings a dynamic note to the whole.

Organic Bergamot:
Bergamot essential oil, with subtle notes of citrus and flowers, is appreciated for its balancing properties. It promotes relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety. Its refined fragrance creates a serene and harmonious atmosphere.

Each essential oil in the Bioflore Fruity Essences Box is carefully selected for its unique benefits, offering a diverse olfactory palette and beneficial properties for physical and mental well-being.